Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Rajasthan Sanskrit University, Jaipur

नोट: ऑफ़लाइन प्रवेश प्रक्रिया 11 जनवरी, 2020 शाम 5: 00 PM तक बढ़ा दी गई है ।
Note : Offline admission process extended till 11th January,2020 evening 05:00 PM.

सामान्य निर्देश (General Instructions)

Provisional Merit List.

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विस्तृत जानकारी हेतु संपर्क करें -
Email-Id: helpdeskpssstonline@gmail.com
Phone: 8005723429

1. Apply Online for Second Counselling
2. Students wanting to change Course Stream (Traditional to Modern or vice versa), please mail the details like Application Number, New Course Stream & Mobile number to helpdeskpssstonline@gmail.com
3. Online Fee Receipt for Reported Students
4. Know Your Upward Allotment (For students who have applied for Upward Movement)  
5. User manual for applying for Upward Movement for PSST/PSSST  
6. Know Your Allotment.  
7. Video Manual for getting Allotment Detail and Letter  
8 Allotment for PSST, PSSST and PSAT will be published on January 28, 2021 at 03:00 PM    
9 Last date for submitting the College Priority is 22nd Jan 2021.  
10 User Manual for JRRSU First Counseling option form.  
11. User Manual for PSSST-2020  
12. User Manual for PSST-2020  
13. सामान्य दिशा निर्देशिका - प्री शिक्षा शास्त्री (पी.एस.एस.टी)-2020  
14. सामान्य दिशा निर्देशिका - प्री शास्त्री शिक्षा शास्त्री (पी.एस.एस.एस.टी)-2020  
15. सामान्य दिशा निर्देशिका - प्री शिक्षाचार्य (पी.एस.ए.टी) - 2020